Beautifully crafted words have the power to captivate the mind of anybody




 Hello! This is Olivia, the creative mind behind Artsyoligraphy based in Hong Kong. 

Artsyoligraphy is dedicated to create beautifully crafted words to engage people and to pass on empowering messages. I strive to make my work not only a candy for the eyes, but also a candy for the heart.

My deep interest in language drew my attention to the beautiful alphabet. And calligraphy is the best way to appreciate how each alphabet forms and connects to each other. Practising calligraphy is a very meditating and rewarding experience to me and I believe to many too.


I provide customised calligraphy service, both on site and off site, and create calligraphy related products. Besides, I also offer calligraphy classes and workshops to share my love of calligraphy to all who're new to this art form. Artsyoligraphy as a brand is built hoping to help, to provide and to share with all who hold the same passion because I believe community always comes before competition. And only by growing the calligraphy community can we keep this mesmerising long-living traditional art form even longer living.

Welcome to Artsyoligraphy!