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Artsyoligraphy is a calligraphy service that offers exquisite lettering and artwork that are elegant and uplifting, introducing the beauty of this classical art to local community and beyond. We're dedicated to creating beautifully crafted words to engage people and to pass on empowering messages. We strive to make our work not only a candy for the eyes, but also a candy for the heart.

Artsyoligraphy is here to help, to provide and to share with all who hold the same passion in calligraphy because we believe community always comes before competition. And only by growing the calligraphy community can we keep this mesmerising long-living traditional art form even longer living.

Welcome to Artsyoligraphy!



 Hello! This is Olivia and I founded Artsyoligraphy in 2019. 

I'm a calligrapher based in Hong Kong and I write classical Copperplate, Modern Script, Blackletter and Uncial. 

I provide bespoke calligraphy service including, but not limited to, lettering with ink, engraving and foiling, both on site and in studio. I'm a versatile artist and I'm experienced in illumination (medieval gold gilding art), watercolour, acrylic, digital design and resin, etc. 


I create calligraphy-related crafts which are all uniquely designed for every special soul and I also provide bespoke calligraphy design service for brands and individuals including logo design, wedding invitation design, etc.

On top of that, I offer calligraphy classes and workshops to share my love of calligraphy to all who are new to this art form. I hold regular and private sessions and I also teach in corporate and school classes too. 

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